Soil Mixer Construction Set Requirements

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Design Rationale

We have a tractor that we use for brick pressing and its very flexible. We can use a flexible device that allows us to dig soil, pulverize, mix cement, and meix slurry with one implement, Its mounted on the tractor, and it needs to operate on ground to pickup soil and air to mix and deposit soil in a brick press that is 6 feet high.

This allows this one loader implement to be the only device required to feed the brick press with soil for stabilized brick. Not only this, it allows us to mix soil and water to make slurry for when your laying the bricks to create motor between the bricks. Altogether we are preparing the soil, stabilized soil and slurry with a single machine. Because we are making this design a set we can take out a rotor and use a bucket solely by itself as a tractor loader bucket. Motors are driven by hydraulic power allowing plug and play flexibility.

This bucket is 72 inch 6 feet wide, and volume can accommodate Can be quick attached to the quick attach plate.

Bucket needs to be rotated from the center. Curl of the tractor allows additional mixing to prevent clumping.

Design Requirements

Notes: Need to add soil pulverisor to wiki Place previous design pieces into spreadsheet.

Requirements: A device that takes Soil and mixes a percentage of Portland cement Tractor loaded implement Needs to dump into brick press – 6 feet high Being able to scoop and to mix Use same Pulverisor motor – 600 rpm rotor with full enclosure Allows use with slurry mixing Allows us to replace current soil Pulverisor. Shaft must be easily removable so that the Use 4x4 2 beam Bucket can be easily removed Clamshell removable mechanism Design must allow for water cleaning Be able to measure volume Allows for scooping of soil, potentially hard soil toothbar bucket Allows for inspection of mix completion. Openable latch for pouring slurry. Quick swapping of hydraulic motors. Rotor doesn’t block ability to dig. Tines have to be short enough. Consider curl. Rotor needs to be reversible. Rocks are allow because the brick press grate will eliminate them. If it get stuck on a rock it bypasses the hydraulics. Use same hydraulic motor on previous pulveriser. Whenever possible, ability to cut from flat sheet followed by welding.

Mixing speed 600 rpm. Volume = 1/3rd cubic yard, 700 pounds-1000pounds

Soil from pulverizer Must be ground up to 1”8 or less size of soil. No clumps.

Cost requirements

<$1500 material cost. Steel is $1 per pound

Requirements for future versions

Ability retrofit auger potential instead of tines Potential to open slit for laying foundation.