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Elianto in Italy and Ausra in Australia are using a very smart-looking design that is basically a parabolic trough with fresnel effect, but the receiver is kept stationary like a tower. Only 1 axis needs to be turned to control all mirrors and they can be geared together so that only 1 motor is required. Allows mirrors to stay close to ground. Serious drawback: long focal length requires very accurate parabolic mirrors. At 0:40, Elianto shows a detail of the receiver.

Saracon Parabolic Trough: low-temp steam for cooking for 15 to 30 people.

PRACTICA Foundation "Smart Tech Against Poverty" has a parabolic dish and parabolic trough design for producing steam to drive micro steam engines for pumping water:

Alterner Solar with a large steam solar collector:

Dr Reddy at IIT Madras with 2 Solar steam designs and has worked on optimizing the receivers:

Concentrated Solar Power Open Source Initiative (CSPOSI):

The solar cooking wikia:

DIY solar Site: