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Plan for 2011

We said roughly that it would take 10 months to document everything you have available. We are planning on beginning the prototype build on September 1 for the FeF convergence. This leaves us 3 months to prepare, and from my experience implies this type of timeline requirement:

  1. June - complete CAD documented for concentrator, mirrors. Uploaded to Open Pario repository by Eerik by July 3; assistance available from a pool of CAD people on the OSE team; Chris leads CAD assistance team. Documentation evaluated by Isaiah, Marcin, and Mark at end of month. Full 2D drawings are acceptable at this stage, and 3D detailed models (Blender or Sketchup or similar) are ok. We can spend July entering the CAD into a full CAD package for CAE and CAM. You are not required to do the Full CAD/CAE/CAM, we'll delegate this to our CAD team. Eerik leaves complete paper trail on the wiki.
  2. July - complete BOM available and posted on the wiki by Eerik with detailed part lists for every item, including existing part sourcing for whatever has already been implemented (India or elsewhere). Mark leads the steam engine build. Marcin leads solar tracking retrofit. Remote CAD team implements all drawings in full CAD package for any structural analysis and any CAM.
  3. August - complete step-by-step fabrication process documented by Eerik, including any available video and photo footage from the P32 build. Dust cleaning and hail modifications designed by the FeF team. CAE team provides calculations to help guide materials selection.
  4. September - complete simulation process documented by Eerik on the OSE wiki and latest analysis code uploaded to Open Pario by Sep. 30. FeF buildout complete for first FeF prototype.
  5. October - Eerik leads the development of training program curriculum for Fabricators-in-Training on the Solar Fire P32 - including background, build, theory, simulation, and performance analysis. FeF team shakes down steam engine performance and obtains electrical power output data. Tracking, temperature, focusing, and other performance data points are documented.
  6. November - Development of organizational infrastructure (in Europe or America) for Fabricator Training (legal structure, recruiting, financing strategies).
  7. December - evaluate 6 months and see where we go from there.


  1. System Engineering Breakdown Diagram for Solar Fire
  2. Reflector Angle Setting Concept Animation