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We begin with housing. The present difficulty is still the lack of accommodations, and we discuss in Social Technology Approach. Start with a solar cubicle. We're planning on beginning the building in this week. Our present aim is to attract 1 person per week here, by simply reaching out to our audiences directly. A $400 investement per heated cubicle is well worth it - given that a productive Home Team member should be capable of generating $2000 of support for hardware and infrastructure development.

Check for a brief description for the solar cubicle. It is modular in design, in that additional units can be attached readily, by each new wall being attached to an old wall. Each cubicle will be slighly inclined (minimally) to shed water, such that back-to-back positioning of cubicles will allow proper drainage off the roof.

We foresee the need for 4 of these cubicles, until we start adding on non-insulated ones.

We will evaluate this program after building the first cubicle.


Our present approach is to pursue standard construction (Solar cubicles), and transition to CEB-Sawmill based construction when the weather improves by May.

This means that prior to May, we need to have the CEB Prototype 2 finished. See CEB Press Status.