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Your work with ours will probably lead to significant breakthrough as OSE,  Solar Fire , and other collaborators join forces. You have demonstrated, as far as I can tell, a breakthrough cost performance for a working prototype of a 20kW peak thermal solar concentrator at $2k in materials. If this yields usable solar electricity like you have shown, we are extrapolating to $1 per peak watt based on your data and our contribution of a highly replicable, super-simple, 10hp uniflow steam engine. This is about 10 times lower than conventional PV just for the electricity component.

Let's plan on the Kickstarter for May 15.

I would like to see if you are comfortable with this as our Pitch:

The Mobile, Open Source Solar Microfactory and Nanohabitat - towards the Civilization Starter Kit v0.1

Basic value proposition is a prototype buildout of an integrated energy, production, food, and housing system featuring:

*Solar Electricity - Solar Fire P32 with modern bump valve uniflow steam engine, 20kW peak thermal output.
*Microfactory - leverages Lasersaur (they got first fire already), CubeSpawn concept, SnapLock (we're leaning to this at present as a bootstrap choice), CNC Torch table ($800 cost=breakthrough cost for full-size table, with OS stepper controllers) with Oxyhydrogen torch, Industrial Robot, OS CNC Multimachine, Ironworker, Induction Furnace (OS prototype exists at 1200W level), Universal Power Supply, CNC Circuit Mill for making all required circuits and microprocessors, and other tools.
*Develop modern steam engine, electrical generator, OS Stepper Motor, and hydraulic motor, as a necessary part - real immediate products of Microfactory - on top of tractors, CEB presses, CNC torch tables, and other tools that are Full Product Releases or close to it.
*Passive CEB house design - leveraging Cohabitat Group work (Pawel Sroczynski, Bjorn Kierulf)
*Ejective cooling from solar concentrator
*Space and Greenhouse and process heat from solar concentrator
*Factor e Farm Convergence
*Leverage Fab Lab Detroit on [Torch Table, Tractor, and CNC Circuit Mill] fabrication and development - they are interested in community solutions
*Desing OS Fab-Lab-In-a-Container plan, potentially powered by the solar concentrator that we're developing.
*Address OS Stepper motor Controller, CAD, CAM, and full digital fabrication toolchain from idea to object.
*Spawn the Civilization Starter Kit DVD v0.1
*Civilization Starter kit includes: professional fabrication drawings and instructionals for: (1) tractor, (2) CEB press, (3) microtractor, (4) bulldozer, (5), CNC torch table; (6) multimachine; (7) laser cutter, (8) CNC circuit mill/3D printer; (9) oxyhydrogen generator; (10) scalable electrical generator; (11) hydraulic motors for tractors; (12) OS stepper motor; (13) Nickel Iron Batteries, (14) power inverter, (15) universal power supply for MIG, TIG, Stick, Plasma Cutter, Laser Cutter; (16) Industrial Robot Prototype I; (17), pelletizer; (18), Gasifier Stove; (19) steam generator for gasifier stove.
*Factor e Farm Convergence is part of the deliverable - a high-intensity month of Dedicated Project Viisits by serious collaborators interested in the Solar Microfactory Nanohabitat. Thus, the funders gain an invitation to the FeF Convergence. Intended to be a Foo Camp unleashed to on-the-ground results.
*We're leveraging collaboration with Solar Fire, Cohabitat, Lasersaur, Fab Lab Detroit, CubeSpawn, Mad Housers (for temporary housing), and Isaiah will take care of the viral marketing. Other suggestions? I smell positive results forthcoming.
*Exhaust/and or excess primary steam goes to green house to power silent thermal applications such as absorption or steam ejector based cooling, drying wood, food dehydration, metal annealing, cooking/baking, autoclave for mushroom spawn, etc.
*Cold water circulates to cold house on south side of greenhouse, to preserve vegetables, seeds etc.
*Iron-nickle battery can be used for battery storage as no toxic elements.
*Extra solar energy can be stored in insulated water tanks situated in green house, for long term thermal storage and to provide warm/hot water to community (hot showers in winter, yay!)
*Oil heat exchanger option is used for cooking
*We position the Civ Starter Kit v0.1 in the reward structure.

The main stakeholders are:

1. Community-based foundations, local economic development programs. Are you a foundation and are you looking to make significant change in your community? Fund the Solar Microfactory.
2. Small enterprise, producers, farmers, manufacturers, natural builders, energy providers, makers, and responsible individuals of Economy 2.0.

Goal of $90k, General Allocation  Strategy as Determined by Needs:

1. $15k to Solar Fire for the next 10 months of documentation and development work
2. $15k Solar Conctentrator Prototype at Factor e Farm
3. $20k for project manager, 6 months
4. $15k for instructional videos and CAD documentation
5. $15k for industrial robot prototyping
6. $10k for gasifier stove with heat exchanger

Expected cost structure to build the Microfactory (matrials only):

Steam Engine - $300 per 20hp - cf. $2250 20hp Tinytech India
Solar Turbine - $2k for P32 20kW thermal peak - cf. 20k (Eerik?)
CNC Multimachine with surface grinder attachment- $2k for 3' work table, .001" accuracy - cf. $17k used off shelf
CNC Lathe $2k OSE after CNC addition cf -$15k used off shelf -
Heavy Duty Drill Press -$600 OSE (2" hole capacity) - cf. $10k off shelf
Torch Table - $800 OSE/4'x8' work area no torch - cf $12k off-shelf
Induction Furnace - $10k/ 100kW - cf $100k used
Electrical Generator - $1k/100 kW - cf $3k/100kW
Laser Cutter - $5k/100W - cf $30k/100W
Hydraulic motor - $100/40 hp - cf $1000/40hp
Stepper motor - $100/1kW -$1k
Stepper Motor Controller - $39/5A-30V-4axis cf. $250
CNC Circuit Mill and 3D printer - $500/3"x5" work area - cf. $3k
MIG-TIG-Stick-Plasma Power Supply - $850/400A cf. $8.5k
Industrial Robot - $3k/500lb working weight, cf $100k

Total OS Microfactory: ~$28k
Industry Standards: ~$325k

Let's hold off the server issue until we get the Kickstarter going. I am starting the full production run next week, my time is tight. I'm confident we can find a way to get you the 800-1000/month artificial money units of Europe. I am willing to back you up to have you committed full time in documentation work of Solar  Fire, at the worst funding you from existing True Fans donations.