Solar Fire Proposal

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Collaboration for the world's first, replicable, open source, solar-dish-electric power system: Solar Fire - OSE - and CoHabitat Group - Tinytech for integrating uniflow steam power and space heating for a year round, superinsulated CEB greenhouse.

  • Complete open source documentation released within 6 months of Prototype Completion and testing
  • Base technology of Solarfire 32
  • Materials cost for Solarfire minus tracking and minus steam engine and minus hail protection is $60 per square meter for structure, mirrors, and receiver (32*60=~$2000 materials cost)
    • Assumes cost of production of finished system is 50% materials and 50% labor)
  • Expected steam engine cost $500 for materials only
  • OSE provides 7 hp uniflow steam engine
  • CoHabitat provides architecture for superinsulated greenhouse
  • Tinytech provides parallel production for Asia

Deployed on Kickstarter, end of 2011, prototyped in spring, 2012

  • $120k budget
  • $80k goes to fabrication development; replicable at $5k after development (CNC machining development ($10k (in not done by OSF, induction furnace for casting ($20k) if not done by OSF, open source charge controller and other electronics ($10k), open source electric generator ($10k), open source gasifier burner for backup heat, pelletizer for biomass pellet production)
  • $20k budget for documentation
  • $20k to Solarfire