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  • Typically refers to a direct, passive, solar thermal water distiller
  • Can be as simple as a plastic sheet, collection cup, and input basin, or very complex
  • PILE of research to sift through on this subject
  • These are also different from grid scale Solar Desalination Plants, which use similar methods to fuel based systems (multi-phase flash distillation), but with solar thermal power


  • Slope
  • Stepped
  • Dome


  • Fins (additional heated area below water surface)
  • Pre-Heating of water (often via Parabolic Trough , or Thermosiphon
  • Use of Heat Exhchangers (for cooling the air to condense vapor using the input water)
  • Contactor Based Evaporation
  • Evaporation Pond for disposal of brine, and production of salt
  • ... (need to complete this, and sift through more papers)

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