Solar to electrical energy conversion system Intro

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Solar to electrical energy conversion system
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This and the pages linked to above are the main pages for the solar to electrical energy conversion system development project. New contributors can come here as a starting point, current progress will be summarized, etc.

Previously there was no single dedicated page on the system which combines the engine, steam generator, solar concentrator, and electrical generator combination which was previously called the solar turbine project. The project has been going on for more than 3 years and several different possibilities have been gone through. The current main approach is to use a piston steam engine and a model P32 solar collector from the Solar Fire (.com) organization.

All new pages on this project should be placed in the category "Solar Turbine" or a subcategory thereof from now on. Simply add [[category:Solar Turbine]] somewhere on the page. In addition to any other categories they are in. This will prevent the problem of stuff being scattered everywhere from re-appearing all over again as new pages are produced.