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SSRs have very long life, but they waste a lot of power when handling large loads, unlike solenoid relays which only use 0.5W or so, say 25ma x 12V. But solenoid relays have much shorter lifetimes.

SSR: https://www.digikey.com/short/3153qn

Din Rail mounted: https://www.digikey.com/short/3153q0

DC to AC

DC to AC SSRs are common. They can be triggered by 5V arduino outputs [1] or by higher voltages [2]. They can also trigger DC loads at much lower amps - this is an artifact of zero voltage crossing with AC. Here is a video on relay switching with Arduino - [3].

DC to DC

  • 220V DC, 60A rating - [4]. 4 of these and we have a 240A welder switched from a 24V DC battery pack source? Using the Universal Controller and Scalable Battery Packs - that makes for a $30 welder for 240A if the battery packs are available.
  • Amazon - [5]

Swiching Time