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HintLightbulb.png Hint: The Universal Controller is a LCD-screen equipped controller that is capable of controlling 3D printers, CNC machines, welders, filament makers, automated machines, or any other applications where a microcontroller runs different actuators, sensors, or power elements. It is a platform consisting of RAMPS, LCD screen, power supply, power outlet, and power handling SSRs, and can be connected to external stepper drivers, solenoid valves, or other power elements. Equipped with an Arduino Mega, it can be used to control just about anything that requires a 100 kHz or lower control signal. See 2019 work on this at OSE Design Manual - Universal Machine Controller

With External Stepper Drivers


As used in the CNC Torch Table v19.10:


Working Doc



See D3D v19.06 for complete machine.

See more at 3D Printer Control Panel

Framev1902.pngPowersupply v1904.pngRAMPS14 v1904.pngStepperdriver v1904.pngSsr v1904.pngSmartcontroller v1904.pngGfci v1904.pngControlpanel v1904.pngControlpanel+frame v1904.pngControlpanel+panel v1904.pngControlpanelproper v1904.pngControlpanelwithmounts v1904.pngWirecover v1904.pngPanelonly v1904.pngBentpanel v1904.pngHeatbed wirelock.pngFinalcontrolpanel.pngOntrolpanelseated.png D3DPlugInner.png D3DPlugCover.png



Video - from June 2019 STEAM Camp

  • Connect Power Cord to the GFCI on the Control Panel - [6]

Converting RAMPS to 24V


October 2019

July 2019

June 2019