Solidworks Backwards Compatibility Issues

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Hey man, hate to say this but no dice :(

The zip file that Marcin had made that I sent you previously was done with a version of solidworks newer than what I have so I can't open up any of the files on it. And the local one I have on my hard drive won't convert to *.dae (file required for sketchup) without crashing solidworks which is probably why we don't have a version of the tractor in sketchup from when i was there.

Sorry man, if anyone on the team has solidworks 2012 I'd imagine they could open up the files in the zip and try themselves, maybe there's an isolated component only that's causing the crash on my computer with my file but I don't know for sure.

To export from solidworks to sketchup you need the Collada export plugin which can be found here:

That should at least get someone on their way. Sorry I couldn't be more help buddy.