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Issues and Solutions

  • Produce wheat and energy - both distributed, so geopolitics do not go sour. [1]
  • Exile Services.
  • Closing_the_Racial_Wealth_Gap
  • Scalable encrypted non-geolicatable radio communications for emergency situations (such as war in Ukraine) providing for effective 2 way communication between 2 or more nodes). This is applicable in natural disasters, man-made disasters. Quick deployability with local Microfactory capacity, capable of at least 100 units produced per day.
  • How to get rid of dictators - [2]. Set up a 'dictator trap.'
  • USA decadence, ie, source of populism - demographic decline, economic disappointment and stagnation, a social fabric increasingly shadowed by drugs and depression and suicide - [3]
  • How to End War in 24 hrs - Zielinsky proposes it first here - send aid to anyone in need, with a new institution - the U24. [4]. Historical moment, profound speech. Also invoked I have a Dream. 9/11. Pearl Harbor. Speech comments - [5]
  • Stop WW3 by taking a stand to not accept any more evil. [6]




Eternal Solutions

  1. Transcend and include. A la Wilber