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The OSE Forum shall be branded as a place for solving pressing world issues that raises the bar on moral intelligence, equitable distribution of resources, and general evolution of society with cultural and scientific progress - beyond the economics of artificial scarcity.

The moral intelligence simply quantifies and implements the no-assholes policy that keeps the movement flourishing. This is based on modern psychology, and intends to advance this field.

This work revolves largely around open sector development (see Universal Basic Assets, with housing as an important starting point. Housing is broad, as it includes land access, jobs, materials, energy, PV, recycling, food production, and fuels.

Threads and their Social Contract

  • Focused solutions from the crowd go into focused forums, all else is Sandboxed. Threads can be pulled out of Sandbox to respective threads if solutions have merit.
  • You read the rules and follow the Contributor Contract
  • Read the White Paper
  • Read the Design Guide
  • Qualify to develop via certification
  • RLF-based rapid prototyping is done remotely - just submit prototyping plan, production jobs. Later you gain live access as you show competence.

Open Source Everything Store

  • Machines for production, and product designs with well-developed production engineering.
  • Lifetime design consumer items that displace throwaway goods from far away.

20-Day Thermal Storage Cooling/Heating with Heat Pump

  • Subset of the Seed Eco-Home

3D Printed Construction Materials

  • Basic calculations on machine tools cost and production rates
  • Economic analysis
  • Basic package of about $60k in 3D printing/recyclingachines that can produce 50 homes per year as a basic open sector asset in every community, solving plastic waste and housing at the same time.

Solar Concrete Trailers

  • About $60k dedicated equipment for 2400 lb/day solar operation.
    • Ton per day is tiny
  • Integrated with food producing greenhouses in the temperate zone, or ZA alloy facility
  • Hardscape block production for SEH integration
  • Common gravel feed or urbanite feed
  • Crusher, rotary kiln, tractor, rock compactor
  • Acre PV

Solar Steel Trailer

  • $2400/day base revenue phase 1, augmented to $5k with small wind phase 2, and to $10k with wood pellets or biodiesel/Fischer-Trop phase 3 and 4;. 1 bag of pellets is 2 gal is 20 kg steel.
  • Wood pellets via gasifier to engine. Must be integrated design, however.
  • Phase 5 is mobile version that has a charcoal pellet combine which uses heat to dehydrate the biomass. Fuel comes out the other side for expeditionary purposes.

Aluminum Recycling + Silicon

  • Free aluminum
  • For PV facility for making PV Panels
  • Laminator, setter, EVA production from urban gardening vinegar
  • Silicon ingot refining from clean sand

IFWMS Aquaponic Greenhouse

  • 3D printed Glazing
  • Freebar
  • 3D printed waterworks
  • White Paper
  • Design Guide
  • Highly skilled staff - 4 people
  • Aquaponic Greenhouse + Landscaping + Hardscape + Waterscape package add-on to SEH

Fuel Production

  • Biodiesel + glycerine soap
  • Wood to diesel via charcoal
  • $5000/day - 1000 gal
  • Wood from construction waste and other sources
  • Biomass from grass combine integrated in robotic mowing operations.
  • Fischer-Tropf fluid combine - Charcoal combine + 1 more step using slow solar electric motion
  • Charcoal pellet combine - use slow moving solar vehicle, burn heat dries the grass clippings. In winter harvest this is easier with dry grass. Design is for wet biomass. See Charcoal Combine.
  • Biomass pellet combine - creates dry pellet.
  • Biomass pellet-charcoal-fischer tropf combine is a novel peace prize when implemented with moral intelligence
  • Plastic to gasoline
  • Robust charcoal engine

Wind Turbine

  • Facility-integrated Power Tower, VAWT on rooftop, anywhere, slow spin, 5000 sf rotor footprint.

Tool and Die Shop

  • On demand alloy of any kind via wire feed alloying + 50 kW induction furnace
  • Precision CNC machine and grinding, up to air bearings
  • On-demand 1 hr turnaround time.
  • Precision parts at 50 kg/hr
  • Recycling capacity in Freebar facility

Autonomous Vehicles Construction Set