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Aka a kleptocratic warlord genocider state with dreams stolen from the people. Ainority only, maybe up to 20%, has any hope - but more likely it is more like 1%? Could easily transform to 20@%, but how to educate psychosocial integration that allows democratic thought it hope to enter?

The institutions are fundamentally corrupt, with kleptocracy as the rule and totalitarianism as the daily fare. Is there any hope of transformation, or is this a case of thorough breakdown for transformation? What does history tell us about the potential for transformation? Japan or Germany come to mind, though Germany is suspect these days.

Lord of the Flies comes to mind, but how do you inject the adult supervision to 144 million children?

China may be a similar case, possibly India in the current times. India has hope as it does have a spiritual history, and China is a case of? I don't know enough, they are not transparent.

Freedom of Speech

  • Just do it. Here people have toneuse. How if they have been brainwashed?

Economic Development

  • The dream of open hardware. Good luck culturally - but in principle this can be inserted pragmatically by simple virtue of results produced.

Spying, Psyops, Cyber Warfare

  • This must be global, as only a doctrine of Mutually Assured Abundance with economic transparency being able to provide material well being. Spying disappears when there is nothing tonsteal, as material resource just turned abundant. This is why open hardware is a prereq to MAA and elimination of resource conflicts.