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For every country and region, it would be useful to have documentation of sourcing so that if we host remote OSE workshops, we can source parts locally and reliably. This would typically involve ordering sample parts and establishing a relationship to verify that a certain producer is capable of delivering to spec and on budget.

For example, a potential collaborating organizer for a workshop would need to make local contacts, and help to develop the relationship. Either by verifying sample part sourcing, getting quotes, etc. Potentially even setting up an online platform for facilitating part ordering.

basic facilitation platform

This is after sourcing has been verified after a sample was produced successfully

  1. Inquiry email or phone call for order.
  2. Corresponding website. One can access the ordering platform from email or website.
  3. Website allows producer to download cutting files and download any other part order info
  4. producer submits a bid.
  5. buyer can submit payment
  6. producer makes the product, and submits finishing date
  7. buyer either picks up or has the product delivered to an address