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OSE Spain


Open E Land

The first European OSE community is forming in Extremadura, Spain. Contact Angel: angel (at) hiruki (dot) eu

Check the blog and the Wiki.


We visted Millares in December, 2011: but we found out that there are legal issues with one of the lands there and we are reconsidering this choice.

For more information write in the Google Group:

Buenache de la Sierra, Cuenca


Our friend Emil has started collecting 'Sabina' (I think ) tree trunks from the site of forest fire (to build with during Building Man festival in September) and could do with some help this April (when he'll not be working and so will have more time). If you can help please get in touch with Josef's Dad Jon on +34 646 507 212 (Emil is always loosing his phone, but lives next door to Jon)

Josef has offered his land near the village of Buenache de la Sierra (about 15km from Cuenca city) for OSE type activities.

If a Spanish cooperative legal entity is formed for OSE Spain (or perhaps OSE Castilla la Mancha/ Cuenca/ Buenache) he would be very happy to explore gifting/ leasing the land to that entity.

Cuenca, a world heritage site, is very easy to get to from Madrid/ Valencia (there are regular buses and trains - 2-2.5 hours from Madrid, and a new fast train - 45mins from Madrid).

There are photos of the land and the surrounding area here: and a 5 minute video tour here more videos here:

As you can see from the photos/ videos, we already have 9m x 9m foundations for a building, a small wooden hut above a deep well, a petrol/ gasoil 3-phase and standard ac generator, a 1000 litre water tank, and various other bits and bobs. We also have 1kw of solar panels in the UK awaiting transportation out to Spain...

There is a plan to have "Building Man" Festivals on the land. The first small one is due to happen this September, 2012 (see ). Contact: josef (at) uniteddiversity (dot) com for more info.

Anyone is welcome to go and visit the land whenever they like. Josef's Dad, Jon, lives in the nearby village, Buenache de la Sierra - 30min walk from land, and has lived in Cuenca for 20 years. Jon is a skilled cabinet maker, has lots of tools and the use of a (mostly woodwork) workshop in Buenache. He also knows pretty much everyone. If you are in the area give him a call on +34 646 507 212.

Another old friend of the family, Emil - who has lived in Cuenca since he was 7, also lives in Buenache (next door to Jon - they both have crash space) and will be there for the next 5 years at least. He is an experienced builder and stone mason and has started collecting sabina tree trunks from a recent forest fire to build with. He will soon be keeping some chickens on the land for eggs and so will be visiting regularly.

See also the entry on about OSE Europe land options here:


After chasing him(Juan Manel Sanchez Gordillo,Marinaleda´s mayor) all around Andalucia during 3 days we(Irena Rasinski/Jose Bravo) finally saw him at the andalusie parlament(Parlamento de ANDALUCIA) we have been speaking for 15 minutes showing him what is OSE about, with a computer in front of us, and what can we do for his town and the world....and after all he just said...yes i'm agree. He wants two things, he wants to know the people from OSE-E, so a meeting in the town is mandatory, and second thing is to bring with us a PROYECT saying what we need and what are we going to do(en español). We are going to have acces to accommodation and basic service

Hola! Soy Irena Spanish/English

Estos dias he estado recibiendo mensajes de varias personas interesadas en integrarse en OSE España y les he remitido a esta web. Desde la ultima vez que hable con Sanchez Gordillo, alcalde de Marinaleda, no tengo mas noticias sobre el tema. ¿Ha habido alguna otra toma de contacto? Lo siento, es la primera vez que publico algo en primera persona y no se si esta es la manera de comunicaroslo de forma efectiva. Estoy dispuesta a hacer una quedada si hace falta, lo que sea. El siguiente paso consistiria en reunirnos todos en el pueblo e idear un programa para asignarnos a cada uno un trabajo y hacerlo de manera organizada. Yo de momento me estoy ocupando de contactar gente interesada. Espero sus respuestas.

Hello! Im Irena

These days I've been receiving messages from several people interested in joining OSE Spain and I have recomended them to this website. Since the last meeting when I talked with Sanchez Gordillo, mayor of Marinaleda, I have not more news on the subject. ¿Someone has got other news or contacts? Im Sorry, it is the first time I post something in first person and I dont know if it is a adecuate way to comunicate that. I'm able to do any meeting if it is necessary, whatever. The next step would be to meet us in Marinaleda village. The purpose of it is to manage a programation of future tasks. Me, right now, I'm taking care to contact interested people. I'm waiting your answers.

More relevant links: (there are couple of long documentaries in Spanish)