Spicer Electrolyzer

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  • 12 Cell from Solar Hydrogen Chronicles produces 0.5 cu ft/hr for each cell, or 6 cu ft/hr. Power of 1 kW, and cost of $2300 for the electolyzer stack of 12 units.
  • How does this compare to 5* 500 cc/min (which is about 1/3 kg/day according to Electrolyzer#Separating_Hydrogen_Generator)? 2500 cc/min = 5.3 cu ft/hr. Comparable.
  • But the Spicer electrolyzer is much cheaper - at $2300 compared to $3100.
  • The Spicer electrolyzer is probably doable for $100/cell or 12 cells for stack above.
  • Thus, the $10k per 1 kg/day (36 cells) can be brought down to $3.6k per kg/day production rate at the small scale.
  • And, better at a larger scale.

Thus, it is safe to say that $3.6k gets us to 1 kg hydrogen per day or 1 gge.

If 1 gge is $3, then it takes 1000 days for payback time to be achieved. 3 year payback. That is pretty good, and should be pursued.

The requirement is Lifetime Design on the electrolyzer - so the generation infrastructure can be maintained.