Spiral Economy

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Reuse of materials (circular economy) is the last step, according to spiral economy proponents - who claim that reuse and resale in the first place is more potent.


Great idea.

Idea does not address logistics (materials moving) which is the core of most waste issue. Such as Plastic Waste at 27M tons per year in the USA alone.

However, matter passports of Mattereum are a very useful concept. Mattereum does not address open source design or Collaborative Open Enterprise Ecosystems for Changing the World, it is a technology. A technology can be leveraged to change the world, though.

In the OSE context, distribution is addressed by open enterprise and open source logistics (for moving matter around) systems.

Mattereum does not address integrated design, it's just another means of commerce. It is a new contract layer upon a product, it is not an essential Affordance.

Lifetime Design is not addressed. Most waste comes from planned obsolescence (large part if not all of Amazon and Walmart products, except for outliers such as Snap-on Tools)