Stackable Inverter

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  • Stackability is an ultimate example of modularity. This should be applied to inverters and induction furnace power supplies.
  • Stackable inverter - we need to opensource the equivalent of this - search stackable inverter on Ebay if link is broken
  • We bought the above. They are not working:

  • So I am sending this email to the seller on 4/23/2012:

Hi Gear Fantasy,

I am having trouble with the 5 stackable inverters I bought. I am first testing them individually. I turn them on - and set each individually to Master. The green light goes on, then it beeps, turns red, and beeps.

If i try to connect 2, I am connecting the 2 outlets as in the wiring diagram - neutral to neutral, and positive to positive. I turn the slave on first. Then the Master starts to beep.

You can see the video here of 5 connected, where the same thing happens:

The master turns on green, then the red light turns on and it starts beeping on and off. I've tried setting all the other inverters as Master, and the remaining ones as slaves, and the same happens. It also happens when I connect only 2 inverters.

Can you help me?