Stained Concrete

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Absolutely! I want to figure out who provided the supplies for the colored concrete for the business I saw in Colorado. However, they will not be open until tomorrow at noon (mst). When they do open, I will give them a call and ask about their floors. Until then, I have heard of a company called Davis Colors. Their website is and have a phone number of 323-269-7311​. They seem to have a great selection of color pigments and other supplies. I sent them an email asking about their products and doing the concrete stain in a DIY way. I will let you know when they email me back, and also if I find out who supplied the colored concrete I initially saw in Boulder, CO. Thanks again and best of luck out at the farm!​

Davis Colors just emailed me back already. They recommended these 3 websites for applying on top of existing concrete and doing it in a DIY manner. All three websites look great!