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retrieved on July 9th 2009 from:

(please also see the Standard Fab Lab Item List)

   bulk shape creation:
   - FDM goo squirter (Dimension SST)
   - Soldering Iron
   - Sewing Machine, Industrial qty ??
   - sewing machine CNC
   - Plastic Seam Welder, Floor Mounted
   - Plastic Welding Setup, Handheld
   - Welder, MIG
   - Welder, Oxygen Acetylene
   - Welder, Spot
   - Welder, Stick Arc
   - Welder, TIG
   - CNC Vinyl Cutter
   - Chop Saw
   - Horizontal Band Saw
   - Vertical Band Saw
   - Laser Cutter, Epilog 45W
   - laser cutter, epilog 25W
   - Throatless Shear, Bench Mounted
   - Sheet Metal Shear, Power, 48in Wide
   - Plasma Cutter, CNC, 4ft x 8ft
   - scroll saw
   - radial arm saw
   - Vacuum Forming Station, 24in x 24in
   - Box and Pan Brake
   - English Wheel
   - Planishing Hammer, Air-Powered
   - Press Brake, 15-Ton Power
   - Slip Roll, Power, 48in Widel
   - shrinker stretcher
   - Disk Sander, Large, Pedestal Mounted
   - Grinders, Pedestal Mounted
   - Drill Press
   - Lathe, Large Metal, with Tooling qty 5
   - Milling Machine, Large, with Digital Readout and Tooling qty 5
   - Milling Machine, Desktop, CNC qty 2?
   - Rotary Turret Punch
   - Sand Blasting Cabinet qty 3
   - Paint Booth, Table-Top (10ft W x 5ft T x 2ft D)
   - Powder Coating Station and Oven
   - anodizing setup
   - '"bin wall" of parts and materials?'
   - '"bin wall" of parts and materials?'
   hand tools:
   - Open and Box End Wrenches, Inch and Metric
   - Socket Wrenches, Inch and Metric, and Ratchets
   - probably every power tool, ever
   - Multimeter
   - Oscilloscope
   - Granite Surface Plate
   - Height Gauges, Digital
   - Calipers, Digital
   - Micrometer, Digital
   - Floor Jack and Jack Stands
   - Motorcycle Lift
   - Transmission Jack
   - Video Camcorder, Digital, 3 CCD
   - brainstorming lounge
   - wifi high speed internet
   - computers
   - lockers?
   - refrigerator
   power distribution:
   - compressed air at every table
   - 115V outlets at every table
   - coffee fresh-brewed