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  • A company branched off from SpaceX
  • Uses a VERY low earth orbit satellite constellation for high speed satellite internet
  • Not operational yet, in development, and some satellites in orbit
  • Will supposedly use a flat antennae (phased array based?) that is planned to be around the size of a "standard pizza box"
  • should also deorbit all satellites to not cause Space Debris
  • Main problem is annoyance to astronemers due to the many satellites in low orbit moving into and out of feild of veiw often (essentially like the iss being visible to the human eye, except smaller, yet also MANY more)
  • Since there are so many in the constellation, this has actually proven to be quite problamatic for astronomers
  • Granted space telescopes are unaffected, and measures can be taken to "dodge" their obits with ground telescopes
  • If successful one could get the same, if not better, preformance from satellite internet, than ground options, Including Fiber, WORLDWIDE

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