Static Cone Penetrometer

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  • $700 - Disclaimer:The use of static cone penetrometers should not replace laboratory testing of field analysis or be used to produce foundation design data. BS Alert.
    • On their penetrometers page, they say The Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) was originally developed by George Sowers and is used to determine the penetration resistance relationship with the standard penetration resistance of virgin soils. As with all field tools used in foundation evaluations, this method should never be used as the sole means for determining foundation conditions.. For the static cone penetrometer, they say Static Cone Penetrometers are used to evaluate the geotechnical properties of soil such as soil consistency, level of compaction and bearing capacity of foundations. Humboldt's Static Cone Penetrometers are specifically designed for use in fine grained, soft soils to depths up to 30 feet.
  • What is the ASTM procedure for calculating soil bearing strength for foundations? D3441 - [1]. There is an open access reading room for ASTM standards. However, it does not include ASTM D3441. Nor D5778 - electronic penetrometers. See Reading room [2]. Contact them regarding the omission.