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Steam Engine Build Instructions


The cylinder end mount encloses the bottom of the cylinder (bottom dead center of the steam cycle). It is extended to form a mounting bracket to allow the cylinder to be attached to the base plate. The piston stem passes through this plate. Since the engine is a uniflow design, this plate doesn't need to be steam-tight.


End Plate

Base Flange

Cylinder End Mount Assembly




Material used is half inch steel plate.

  1. Cut a plate 9.5" by 7.5". This is the face plate.
  2. Drill nine holes 0.5" dia. at corners, sides, and the center. Eight around the perimeter are bolt holes. The center hole allows the piston stem to pass through to the crankshaft.
  3. Cut a second plate 2.0" by 7.5". This is the bracket plate.
  4. Drill three holes 0.5" dia. at sides and center.
  5. Weld the bracket plate to the face plate such that the overall height is 9.5".
  6. Grind down the weld where the bracket will meet the base plate to ensure a smooth fit.