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Steam Engine Build Instructions


The cylinder valve seat serves two purposes. It closes off the top end of the cylinder and it serves as the valve seats for the valves. The valves press against the plate with a fair amount of pressure (160psi), so the plate needs to be strong enough to avoid bending or blowing out. It is fastened to the cylinder case flange with eight bolts.






Using half inch cast iron plate:

  1. Cut a square 7.5" on a side.
  2. Locate and drill eight bolt holes, each 0.5" dia.
  3. Locate and drill two holes, 0.5" dia offset from the center by 1.25" up and down.
  4. Using a 45 degree countersink, bevel the two holes to a depth of 0.3".
  5. Polish the valve seats to ensure a smooth surface