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The exhaust plenum forms a chamber on the outside of the cylinder that channels exhausted steam from the exhaust vents in the cylinder liner and case to a single exit point. This allows exhausted steam to be collected for secondary uses, such as heating. The exhaust plenum is an optional steam engine part. If left off, steam will vent to the atmosphere through the four exhaust vents in the cylinder.


Exhaust Plenum Element

Exhaust Plenum Assembly




The exhaust plenum consists of four identical semi-circular parts bolted together with four quarter-inch bolts. One part should have a hole drilled into it to allow steam to escape. Later, this will have a fixture to capture spent steam.

Fabrication Tips

  1. Use a turnable on a milling bed to mill the inside channel.
  2. The bolt tabs could be welded on after milling the exhaust channel.