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Steam Engine Build Instructions


The valve controls the flow of steam from the steam chest to the cylinder bore. Steam is admitted into the cylinder just before top dead center of the stroke cycle. One end of the valve is conical in shape (45 degree) machined to match the valve seat. In the middle of the valve stem, the valve diameter is reduced to slide freely inside the valve hole of the valve cover. At the other end, the diameter is further reduced to fit inside the valve spring.

Two valves are needed.







  • 2.0" steel round stock, about 2.0" long.


  1. Mount the stock in a metal lathe
  2. Reduce the valve stem to 1.24" diameter for a length of 1.03"
  3. Machine a 45 degree bevel to form the valve head.
  4. Outer diameter of the valve head is 2.0".
  5. Valve head should be 0.8" long.
  6. Polish the valve head point.
  7. Polish the valve tail so that it may move freely in the valve hole of the valve cover.