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Steam Engine Build Instructions


The valve spring base is a small disk that fits at the bottom of the valve hole in the valve case. It gives the valve spring adjustment screw a base to push against the valve spring, thus increasing the spring pressure against the valve and the valve seat. This adjustment may be needed to prevent steam from leaking through the valve seat at in appropriate times. The selected valve spring exerts a pressure of 162 lbs. when it is compressed to 1.475 inches, which means the steam engine can be run up to about 150 psi of steam pressure (with a safety factor).

Four valves spring bases are needed for design 7 of the steam engine.







  • 1.25" steel round stock.


  1. Mount the stock in a metal lathe
  2. Reduce the diameter to 0.240" for 0.250".
  3. Cut off to a thickness of 0.250"
  4. Make four per engine.

Finishing is not needed unless very rough.