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Steam Engine Reviews

The so-called Arrowhead Bump Valve engine design has been reviewed by several people at the current time (7/20/11). This page summarizes the design problems and provides suggestions on how to deal with them.

Problem Summary

  • Horizontal layout promotes wear, jamming, etc.
  • Water can condensing in the engine leading to a blow-out.
  • Placement of exhaust vent means compressing air in the cylinder and losing work.
  • Steam is admitted before top dead center, losing some work.
  • Valves must seat and create a seal against steam.
  • Valves are heavy and slow to react.
  • Valves take a beating from bump pins.
  • Valve opening and timing is critical - difficult to adjust.
  • Cylinder liner is expensive.
  • Cylinder end needs holes to let in (and out) air.
  • Piston rings are expensive.
  • Oiler is expensive.
  • Piston head is heavy, moving it loses work.
  • Piston head has no heat shield.
  • Bump pins may vibrate out of their holes.
  • Oil mixes with steam and causes pollution.
  • Crankshaft is built up of parts that must be precisely aligned or vibration results.
  • Engine is hot - no shields for safety.
  • Crankshaft is open - safety hazard.

CAD Problems