Steam Power Plant

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Commercial Design


Considering the Mounster Design modern steam engine

  • Heat exchanger - generates 10 hp of steam with liquid fuel. Strategy: use a commercial steam cleaning generator -
    • DIY - wound water level generator, Ofeldt type - by Tom Kimmel
  • Oiler - Madison Kipp - $400 Ebay
  • High pressure water water pump - 500 psi as in high pressure sprayers - 3 GPM, 500 PSI, $250 at Surpluscenter
  • Oil-Water separator -



I am trying to source parts for the Steam Plant for a Mounster Engine.

I have no clue about water oil separators, nor do I have a good idea on off-shelf steam generators. The water pump and oiler appear to be ok - please verify the $400 one from Ebay and the water pump from Surpluscenter.

Then again, the Mounster plans include a feed pump and oil pump - so I don't need to buy those?

I would like to put a steam plant together in a Power Cube frame - where our goal is to begin using this as a real power unit for our tractors, as a replacement for this Power Cube. I would like this to fit in a 4x3x3 foot frame, which can be attached modularly to a tractor or other machines.

Please shed some light on the sourcing issues.

If we get the steam plant together - would you allow it to be tested with your engine? Perhaps we can hire Terry to assist in this prototype. It would be a quick proof of concept as we build out the Wally Mounster here, and transition the burner to pelletized biomass.