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Who I am

not familiar with layouting WIki-pages as you can see from the non-existant layout of this page

43 yeras old. I have a degree similar to a bachelor (Dipl.-Ing.) in mechanical engineering. My daily work is working as a teacher in mathematics and metal technology (basic things about milling, lathhing, water-heatings steel-construction).

I'm a "hobby" electronic "engineer". No formal examination but quite a good amount of knowledge.

I have software-developing experience with turbo-pascal (long time ago) and delphi. I worked several years for a company as a softwaredeveloper for industrial controls of engraving machines.

I write code for the microcontroller called propeller-chip [1] from parallax inc.

This is my favorite microcontroller for the following reasons:

development environment is very easy to setup:

1) Start Setup.exe for FTDI-driver

2) Start Setup.exe for Code-Editor.

Start coding in a high-level-language called SPIN (similar to C or delphi) or propeller-assembler PASM

EACH PASM command can be executed conditional to flags

Code runs completely in RAM so selfmodifiying code is possible.

32Bit at 80MHz clock

Chip has TV-graphic and VGA-graphic "on board". (add some resistors and you are done)

Has 8 CPU-cores than can run independant from each other

So no interrupts for catching external events nescessary.

absolute deterministic behaviour of the PASM-code.

Very flexible as all interfacing is done by software.

hundreds of Ready to use code-modules for

PS/2-keyboard, VGA-signal generation, TV-signal-generation

I²C, onewire, SPI, serial COM-Port, TCP/IP-stack and a lot more see [2]