Stefan Raabe

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Stefan Raabe
Gatschow 22
17111 Beggerow
+49 1522 89 422 64 (mobile)
+49 39 996 799 844 (office)
raabe.stefan (at) googlemail . com

Im responsable for a technical workshop and manager at the projekt

In the time next to my everyday-jobs I try to gather people to improve and to work in the workshop for manufacturing prototypes and to set up an independent energy-system for living, fabrication and foodproduction. Theres a co2- and gaswelder, lathe, bandsaw, driller, grinder, bender and a set of tools, materials and spare parts. Theres the aim to setup a wood- and E-workshop It becomes also a place for ecofriendly community living and culture activities.

Expert in:

  • general mechanics (educated toolmaker)
  • metalworks (milling, lathing, cutting)
  • Running diesel-engines on (reused) plantoil

Good knowledge in:

  • 3D CAD-Design (Siemens NX/Solid Edge)
  • renewable energy systems (solar,windpower)
  • hydraulic/pneumatic
  • using building-/agriculturemachinery
  • plumbing, heatings, carpentry, plastering, concretework, statics, building in general
  • using/sharpen scythe/cutting tools in general
  • building with clay
  • leading/working with volunteers
  • raising money for projects (germany-specific)
  • welding

Some Skills in:

  • computer/officework
  • electronics,automation
  • gardening

Projects I made/were involved that can be related to OSE:

  • Other interesting projects I am/were involved:
  • worked on a building-playground/farm for children and made it off-grid
  • planting trees with
  • open, common juicemaking-event every year @ KombinatG (
  • setting up community-kitchen and several buildingsites @ KombinatG
  • connecting heatstoragetanks to heat sources
  • rebuilt 7,5kw oilpress-machinery
  • worked on woodgas-generator

Other interesting projects:

Get in contact with me if some interests are matching, to get known the place where I live & my ideas. We can host long term-volunteers also, theres even the possibility to get some fund for a longer stay.

Feel free to structurize/format my page