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JUNE, 21st

Foot V2.png

  • redesigned foot with single pivot
  • we reduced the thickness and the components

Foot V2 (2).png

  • single pivot foot with exploded modular plates

Backhoe inspiration 1.jpg

Backhoe inspiration 2.jpg

we got inspired from some existing legs:

  • the piston and the leg had 2 different attachment points
  • the piston is free to move (it doesn't get in contact with the leg)
  • the piston contribute to the solidity of the entire structure
  • we read that was some structure doubts on the first version [[1]]

and a "double-beam" leg is distantly related to hollow section, so we think is could be more resistant


Leg V2.png

  • double beamed
  • single-pivot foot
  • free piston

Leg V2 movement.png

  • assembly

Leg V2 pivot.png

  • we are still working on how to attach it to the pivot :(

for the leg is pretty simple but is more difficult for the piston (that must be higher)

Media:Foot V2.skp

JUNE, 20th

Plate versions.png

  • we tried to reduce the modular plates 1. to save space and 2. to save material

so here's the versions of the modular plates (green first version, triple last version)

  • the last version is thinner and have 3 steps for more adjustments
  • we noticed that attaching the steps with some bolts will make some studs-like bumps that is kinda good for soft terrains.

JUNE, 19th

Backhoe stabilizer foot.png

  • We made a first concept of the stabilizer foot, based on a double pivot used for some mops;

my intention was to create a double axis adjustment on the terrain.

  • Gary said me the piece was too difficult to machine, so I leave this first model as an "idea" for future modifications

Stab foot V1 movement.png

  • example of foot's movement (maybe it lose some strength with all this inclination)

Modular foot V1.png

  • we thought also about a modular plate to increase surface if needed, for example on sand or other soft grounds.
  • the plate can be disassembled to reduce occupied space and for applying more force if needed on solid grounds.

File:Backhoe stabilizer foot.skp

Audrey's notes:

Please upload your work in progress here.