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Steve Mann <> to date Tue, Dec 23, 2008 at 10:17 AM subject Solar turbine working paper signed-by

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Hi Joseph,

I just saw your paper on Wikipedia. It's GREAT! I've been thinking along the same lines for over a year and am delighted to see how far you've taken it. I think the most promising technology for reducing greenhouse gases quickly, distributing electric power generation (and heat for buildings and desalination), and quick delivery of the advantages of electricity to places it is not yet available is CSP on small to medium scale, and that cooperative enterprises, rather than just large commercial enterprises, are the best way to get it deployed widely and quickly.

I have a background in embedded systems design, both hardware and software, and would like to work on very low cost, open source controllers and actuators to further reduce the cost of such systems.

I've just started looking at the site. I wasn't aware of it before - looks like something I'd like to get involved with.

Congratulations on your great work!