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More commend from Vlad -

"Hi Marcin,

A quick suggestion about the video... I would create a storyboard, can use a tool like, like this everyone can be on the same page both visually and copy-wise.

I would plan a longer video of about 3-4minutes, and cut it into parts...

The structure can be as follows:

[--- Elevator Pitch 0:30---] > [--- Benefits (Short-form) 0:30 ---] > [--- Call to Action 0:08 ---] > [--- Blackout 0:10 ---] >

> And here you can start with a bit more detailed parts, cut into segments and separated by 10 second blackouts, blackouts can be used to cut the video and add elements like secondary calls to action, sponsor messaging and branding, etc.

Consider the multi-use for the video and distribution through online as well as traditional channels.

Try to fill the video with as much content as you can, so you don't have to come back to for a little while.