Strategic Advisory Team

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Strategic Advisory Team Specs: 9 people

  • Expert contract negotiator, leadership expert, organizational development, or startup expert. One who knows little about issue, but is recruited for outside opinion based on their expertise.
  • In-Person - someone who by circumstance is intimately familiar with the situation, but who has no specific expertise in the issue at hand. Stochastic, emergent agent.
  • Expert in subject matter on the question - to provide review on technical/practical aspects of question
  • Friend - someone with an understanding how I operate, where that insight is valuable to the issue at hand.
  • Personal advisor - a seasoned expert for whon the advisory relationship is purposeful and meaningful
  • Strategic planning subject matter expert - strategic issues
  • Human resources expert - human dynamics aspects of the issue
  • Positioning expert - provide insights on issue from the project positioning/branding perspective.
  • Connector - a network magician (like Sunny Bates) who brings the right resources into the situation at the right time