Strategic Culture

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Culture is Key to Good Relations

Strategic culture is essentially about win-lose situations where one prioritizes their interest over the other it is the opposite of collaborative culture. Examples range from strategic partnerships to strategic open source. Historically there was another culture that is more radical which is the economy of affection, which is useful until the point that it gets into nepotistic behavior. OSClE's interest is a culture of excellence with built-in when when situations- based on collaborative, open culture.

Context of Russia

Strategic culture is a term defining how humans behave. Strategic relationships are essentially the opposite of OSE's win-win ideal (see Never Split the Difference). Strategic culture focuses around distrust for the other, and therefore interaction based on getting the most out of others by unethical means such as lying, stealing, and cheating. It's a toxic, scarcity-based culture that can destroy entire nations - such as Russia.

Explanation of why Russian strategic culture, since 80 decades ago: