Strategic Plan 2015

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Working Document

Board of Directors Strategic Planning committee working document.



  • Old work from 2013 - Strategic Plan 2 Ambitious
  • Add Operations Budget to the overall plan. Create a replicable plan for operations that allows others to run their operations effectively as a decentralized operation. Explore centralizing vs distributing these functions.
  • product logo license - requires open source plus distinction between independent store and ose with further ose-producer license forthcoming via led mundi, and TF campaign for DE aspects of our work. OSE - home of distributive enterprise towards the open source economy. Welcome to the ethical economy.
  • Can regeneration become virally replicable?
  • Ask important test questions to inspire.
  • clarify strat for development method scaling 1. Clear motivation and meaning for project 2. Clear tech requirements, 3. Clear protocols for each step. 4. Strong recruiting capacity. 5. Breakdown into teams and leaders 6. Clear reward strux

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