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Refactored XM_Extreme_Recruiting


We are recruiting a permanent team of 12 people on-site at Factor e Farm by year-end 2012.


The base team of 10 is:

  1. Founding Director
  2. Executive Assistant
  3. Farm Director
  4. Production Director
  5. Construction Director
  6. Product Managers (4), one of whom transitions to Product Director
  7. Factor e Farm Documenter

The above is the base managing team. We currently have an off-site Director of Development. The above does not include additional product developers, volunteers, or apprentices - which are expected to bring the entire population of FeF up to 20 in the 2012 season.

We are currently pursuing a focus on Distributive Enterprise development as a means to attain economic sustainability via bootstrap production.

Accommodations and utilities are provided to all participants.

Application Process for Product Managers, Production Director, Farm Director, and Construction Director

The basic agreement involves:

  • On site living at FeF + $2k/month stipend + full time commitment (no outside jobs or telecommuting unless specifically negotiated)
  • Daily Scrum Session from noon to 6 at the FeF workshop, with Daily Standup at noon.
  • Daily vlogging requirement for updates, 5 days per week
  • Maintaining a Product Page, updating the Control Panel work product daily - for your specific GVCS Product Management or Production Director effort, such as this Prototype
  • Semi-monthly blog posting on the Factor e Farm Blog according to FeF Blogging Standards
  • 3 month minimum commitment, extendable indefinitely

To apply:

  • View the GVCS TED Talk
  • Read the Extreme Manufacturing Blog Post. Note: this platform is undergoing rapid evolution. Study this platform and latest Prototype.
  • Create a 2 minute video introduction regarding your interest in applying. This is a video-of-interest (VOI) and it must include: (1), name and country where you are located; (2), relevant skill set and how you can use it to move OSE work forward; (3) what you think will be the greatest challenge in your work; (4), and how you will address that challenge.
  • Upload your video to a video sharing site such as your YouTube channel or any other publicly-visible solution. Make sure that the video is open for viewing by the general public.
  • Upload your resume to a publicly downloadable file sharing site, as you will be asked for a link in your Product Application.
  • Go to the Product Application. This application will ask you for a link to your uploaded video and resume, so make sure that you have done the last 2 steps prior to filling out an application.
  • Upon receiving your VOI, we will review it. The VOI is an initial screening of candidates, after which we will set up your initial 15 minute interview. A second, 30 minute interview with the Founder follows the first interview. If you pass this stage, you will be invited to further negotiation, culminating in a collaboratively-written contract agreement.

Nota bene: Please keep in mind that everything is just talk and negotiation only - until a copy of your contract is printed and signed by both parties. The whole recruiting process up to the signing of a contractshould take a total of about 4-8 hours of direct communications between OSE and the applicant, over a general period of 2-4 weeks. This time will depend on a case-by-case basis, and may be significantly different than 2-4 weeks.

Desirable Qualities

These are the qualities that we seek in our applicants:

  • Open Culture + Personal Rapport
  • Disruptive Distributive Enterprise Interest
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit - track record of enterprise savvy + intrinsic motivation + long work hours
  • Thought Leadership - cultural creator of internet-scale phenomena
  • Connectedness - access to leaders in multidisciplinary areas
  • Brings in a net of resources on an ongoing basis - for accelerating the development of OSE

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