Structural Foundation Basics

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From Jonathan Kocurek

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1. Geology in context

2. Soil properties -- the fundamental building blocks

3. Effective stress 3.1 Basic principle

3.2 Worked examples

3.3 Water flow and effective stress

4. Soil Strength 4.1 Basic introduction to strength

4.2 A simple frictional model for strength

4.3 Influence of stress path on strength

4.4 Drained and undrained shear strength

5. Settlement 5.1 Overview and context

5.2 Fundamentals of soil compressibility

5.3 Settlement calculations in practice

6 Common Cause of Foundation Failure

3 Movements

Settle, Sink, and Sag

When the soil under your home shrinks or shifts, then your foundation or parts of it will settle. If the whole foundation settled evenly, you don't notice anything. But usually one part of your home settles more than another part and causes cracks in your foundation. This is vertical movement.

Bow, Buckle, and Lean When the soil outside of your foundation wall expands, it can cause horizontal movement of your foundation. Because your foundation walls are not supposed to move inward: they crack, bowel, leaned in, push in, and sometimes slide in. Foundation walls are supposed to hold up your house and everything and everyone in it, and they aren't even standing up straight anymore, well, that's not good. Night all. This is horizontal movement.

Bubble, Bump, and Heave This is the upward movement of a foundation or slab caused by expanding or swelling of the underlying clay soils due to an increase in moisture. Heave is more common for slabs and foundations since the weight of the home on the foundation may partially or fully affect the swell force. Heave is another type of vertical movement, only this time, the force is pushing everything upward!

Downspouts Basement waterproofing expert Barry Schilling discusses the problems caused by downspouts that discharge water next to the foundation.

Land Subsidence

Foundation problems cause homes to sink in KCMO neighborhood

Foundation Problems - Identify The Causes to Create Maintenance Plans

What Causes Foundation Problems?

How to Fix Structural Foundation Problems

Foundation Failure

Load Bearing Basics

MicroHouse 4 First Principle Foundation Calculations