Structural Governance

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Governance implemented not through laws written on paper, but implemented via the built infrastructure or other implementation infrastructure that allows for ready implementation of the governing principles. This means that bureaucracy can be minimized and replaced by actual infrastructure that makes implementation of governing principles easy. For example, a 'structural governance' for recycling is the presence of a mechanism such as curbside pickup, as opposed to you having to take your recyclables to a recycling center or the locations of recycling locations not being transparent.

Or, structural governance for ending corruption may mean paying officials a living wage, as opposed to not paying enough so that officials have to steal.

Or structural governance for innovation may mean that an openly accessible research, development, and prototyping park is available to citizens, as opposed to less accessible forms of the same.

Or, drug abuse programs and incarceration are replaced with an education system that teaches moral intelligence, as a driver for purpose and meaning.

Or, nuclear military buildup across the world is addressed with a private institution that has the capacity to kicks ass (by a powerful arsenal with no holds barred) or exiles any non-complying entity, group, or state - thereby incentivizing compliance with Geneva Convention-like principles. Success in this endeavor admittedly requires serious innovation.