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Mel King


Recommended by Amatul Hannan '95-'96 Community Fellows Program

We are seeking interns for our research and development center to help develop open source self-sufficiency technology. This includes designing and implementing "permanent agriculture," agricultural machines, construction, and metalworking. We don't just make diagrams or theory, we make machines that help people achieve their dreams.

Videos of our work:

Ideally we are looking for:

  • Confident and highly dynamic self learners or researchers.
  • People motivated by innovation and change.
  • Able to take a project from concept drawing to real world implementation.
  • Excited by diversity of thought.
  • Comfortable in rural and rustic settings.
  • Willing team members, self starters, and project leaders.

Who does that make you think of? Send them to us!

We are offering individuals short term or long term residencies for development of physical technology for the benefit of all people. Residency at Factor e Farm involves physical work, philosophical work, and community building work. Rustic and unique accommodations are available. Please contact us for more details.

Our research and development interests include but are not limited to:

  • Low Cost Housing built from local materials
  • Permanent Agriculture - food forests, orchards, CSA crops
  • DIY Agricultural tools and implements - tractor, spader, tiller, grain combine, hammer mill, hay baler
  • Low cost off grid energy systems - heat, hot water, lighting,
  • Low cost water systems - water wells, catchment systems
  • Metal work - melting, casting, cutting, forming, computer controlled manufacturing, whatever you desire

These are elements of the Global Village Construction Set - everything needed to create advanced civilization on a small scale.

What we offer:

A place where you can put philosophy of sustainability into action. We are a physical experiment in building a post industrial global village - a space for all people to learn and grow.

About our place:

  • We have 30 acres in rural Missouri.
  • We are off grid with solar panels to charge a forklift battery
  • DSL internet
  • 300 tree fruit, nut, and berry orchard

About us:

Current internship coordinators and project developers at Factor e Farm are:

Marcin Jakubowski, Ph.D Studied chemistry at Princeton, NJ and Nuclear Fusion at Madison, WI

Jeremy Mason, AS AS in IT - Multimedia at Rancho Cordova, CA

Some of our completed projects include:

  • Open Source Tractor made from raw rolled steel pieces.
  • Compressed Earth Brick Press from scratch - Produced 6000 bricks
  • 10 by 50 foot Greenhouse with rainwater catchment system
  • Built 40 ft by 20 ft CEB building attached to greenhouse
  • Cordwood-adobe house, earthbag dwelling, hexayurt, solar cubicle house
  • Scrap wood goat feeder

Our future projects:

  • Computer controlled Plasma Torch Table for cutting out metal to make other machines
  • Sawmill - for processing logs into boards
  • Incubator for raising chickens
  • "Chinampas" - moats around mini garden islands, with chicken coops above to fertilize the soil, and fish below to feed on worms
  • Solar homes using the CEB press and sawmill
  • Foundry for melting down scrap metal for new machines
  • Low cost well drilling rig