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In order to increase development velocity, OSE relies on a set of core technical advisors who commit to 2 hours of volunteer advisory time per month. These advisors with with OSE's Executive and Core team members. The key areas of advisory need include (check marks indicate those advisory roles that are filled):


  • Open source project infrastructure standards (best practices, community standards, repositories, commits) - someone from Linux, Eclipse Foundation, etc.
  • Agricultural Engineering (machine design)
  • Electronics Design
  • Quality Control
  • Internet of Things - sensors
  • Automotive engineering - engine design
  • Reverse engineering
  • Power Electronics (Universal Power Supply for rectification, inversion, amplitude modification, frequency modification, current control, feedback)
  • Induction Heating
  • Metal treatment (alloying, heat treating)
  • Metal processing (metal rolling, wire drawing, forging)
  • Hydraulics (hydraulics system design, hydraulic motor design, hydraulic controls)
  • Electric Motor (design, calculations)
  • Heat Exchanger (heat exchanger basic calculations)
  • Gasification (gasifiers, heat exchangers)
  • Mining Engineering (rock extraction and processing)
  • Structural Engineering (foundation calculations, beam calculations)
  • OpenBIM (open tools for open BIM)
  • Production engineering


  • Enterprise Strategy
  • Collaborative Literacy Strategy
  • Roadmap Strategic Plan
  • Content Strategy
  • Team Development Strategy
  • Open Source Business Strategy
  • Media Strategy
  • Donor Strategy
  • Chapters Strategy
  • Revenue Strategy

Peak Performance

Land Management

  • Geologist - for understanding subsurface geology, depth to bedrock, mineral resources
  • Hydrologist - to map and measure surface and subsurface water resources
  • Wildlife ecologist - to map out the wukd
  • Botanist - to map site plants and uncover native species


  • Land use planning (master planning, landscape architecture, site analysis, soils building)
  • Nursery plant propagation (perennial nursery)
  • Mycoculture (mushroom cultivation, rhizobial symbiosis, mycoremediation)
  • Aquaponics (systems design, production)
  • Integrated Pest Management (intensive greenhouse production, garden and farm scale polyculture systems)
  • Polycultural Orchards
  • Soil food web (increasing soil biological life)

Internet and Software:

  • Quality of Service, Latency, Web Traffic, Load Balancing
  • Web administration (server, database, traffic, configuration management)
  • Wordpress (functional Wordpress literacy)
  • Media Wiki (understanding capacity, templates, best practices)
  • phpList
  • Kdenlive
  • Ubuntu
  • Open GIS
  • Realtime open source documentation app

Communications and Media:

  • Marketing
  • Media Strategy Check.png
  • Communications/Messaging Strategy
  • Podcasting and Webcasting


  • Productization
  • Business planning
  • Liability and legal issues

Community and Team Building:

  • Project and community governance
  • Leadership Develoment (team building)
  • Best Practitioner Discovery
  • Curriculum development