Summary of All Mechanisms

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All of technology can be summarized to:

  1. Bulk structures - dirt and wood. Block and construction. Done by heavy machines and structural engineering.
  2. Metal and plastic - precise shapes. Precision CNC such as for engines and cranks, and ubiquitous plastic geometries.
  3. 3D Printing - plastic, metal, and stone (ceramic, house concrete, mud). CNC squirt machines.
  4. Rotor - shaft, 2 bearings, and a coupler. Or an air bearing. All rotor heads. Made by CNC lathes and Precision Grinder for Bearings.
  5. Metal sheet, wire, tube - hot metal processing with induction furnace, metal rollers, and controls.
  6. Alloying - metal and plastic for different properties. Requires Open Source Electron Microscope.
  7. Piston - linear motion. Engine, pump. Hydraulic, air, material.
  8. Electric wire - induction for furnace or motor; or solenoid; or injector. Highest tech is high pressure injector.
  9. Microcontroller and transistor - for timing. Controlling a 10kW motor with an Arduino.
  10. Process gases - argon, helium, air, carbon dioxide. Made with Open Source Cryopumps.
  11. Semiconductors - zone refining with induction heaters and process gas. For Open Source Photovoltaics.