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Justin R - "I was interested in more or less all of it, even if (for a few parts of it) for no other reason than to gain a better foundation of how things work and design, build and repair processes. Among other things, I'm interested in open source approaches and learning, experimenting and sharing low and no-tech solutions. I'm more interested in doing things with love and faithfulness than efficiency and speed, not that they are necessarily incompatible. I've also had the thought to host similar events at a community we have some connections with in Georgia and was interested to observe some of the practical mechanics of how you plan and run it."

Organizers and Teachers

MJ - My main interest is to see how effective design training -can result in average people - without necessarily prior skills - producing meaaningful technology. Rapidly - in a way that meets needs and shows promise of defeating the Myth of Technology as we transition to a balance of power.