Summer of Extreme Design-Build and Startup Camp: What's In It For You

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  • learning practical skills. We promise you that you will learn 10x-100x faster learning than by watching YouTube videos alone. We do this via collaborative design, access to prototyping materials on hand, rapid prototyping in plastic, rubber, and metal. But most importantly: we teach collaborative literacy for how to work together.
  • Learning skills that you wouldn't ever imagine yourself learning
  • Make new friends
  • Change the world - be immersed in open source ecology culture and practice, and its breakthrough principles for solving pressing world issues faster than they are created.
  • Start an open source hardware business. With the recent collapses of Makerbot, Printrbot, and acquisition of Lulzbot (3 notable open source companies), it seems that open source hardware is crumbling. But the choice is ours. In our viewpoint, just like open source has become the de-facto standard in software- from a 2016 admission by Steve Balmer, ex-CEO of Microsoft, that open source is not a Malignant Cancer - so too will open source hardware become the de-facto standard. Our prediction is that this can be achieved in as little as 5 years. Be part of a pioneering group that makes this promise a reality.