Summer of Extreme Design-Build and Startup Camp Registration

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  • Full program: $3995. Includes 1 month of onsite participation including tuition, room, board, and also the OSE Dev Kit (3D Printer and Raspberry Pi tablet materials, plus other experiments - see OSE Dev Kit description). Select 1-3 for the number of months you'd like to participate.
  • Enterprise track: $4995 includes the Full Program plus enterprise development seminars - (includes Dev Kit)
  • Remote Participation - $499 for one month of participation in all classroom sessions pf the Full Program, so you can engage in the collaborative design process, classroom, and design sessions. This is intended to give you full exposure and participation in collaborative development with a large team. If you would like to do the builds included in the OSE Dev Kit, we can offer the dev kit to you as well at the cost of materials + shipping.
  • Exteme Manufacturing Workshops - (3 days)- $599 for a live, 3 day, immersion build experience of the final product. See schedule.