Sungold 6kW Hybrid Inverter

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  • Source $1600 - [1]


  • Will this be code approved?
  • If grid goes down, is the AC input still connected to inverted PV output and thus it suffers from islanding when the grid goes down?
  • How does this system perform load balancing on each 120V output leg? How much imbalance can it tolerate before it shuts down? I would imagine it shuts down when one tries to pull out more than 3kW from one leg. Make sure to wire up in a balanced way.



Hi Cindy,

Thank you for the information. I ended up buying this inverter - looks great. Haven't connected it yet. This is my plan:

Does that design make sense? If the grid goes down, the inverter will still work, correct? If the grid goes down, this inverter would not be energizing the grid through its V_AC input line with AC power derived from solar power, correct? Ie, it is safe for islanding when the grid is down?

So you suggest that if I am not feeding power back to the grid - then this would still likely pass local building codes? Or would I need another type of inverter to pass local building codes?

Thank you, Marcin

Hi Marcin,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Yes, your design make sense. If the grid goes down, the inverter will still work, and get the power from solar panels to power the loads. The TP6048 inverters also follow the anti -islanding rules. It will stop to feed the power back to the grid when the grid connection is lost.

If you only use the inverter off gird - not feeding power back to the grid, the inverter does not need to be UL listed. Most of our customer use it has no problem. If your local building codes requires the inverter must be certified, maybe you can consider our IP6048 inverter.

Best Regards Cindy


Hi Sungold,

I'm building a home, want to add your hybrid inverter for our 5 kW solar array. But we are not sure if your inverter complies with utility regulations? Is this inverter UL listed? Does this inverter run with solar/grid in parallel so that when there is not enough sun, it uses additional energy from the grid? Or does it just switch to grid? That is - say I need 4 kW, and there is 3000W coming in from my solar panels. Would the extra 1 kW come from the grid with 3 from the solar - or does it switch fully to grid so that 4 kW are coming from the grid? We need an inverter that does not switch to grid, but only tops off necessary power by using the grid.

We would like to get:

Would this meet our needs? Or do you have other inverters that could work for us?

Thanks, Marcin <>

Hi Marcin,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Sorry that this inverter is not UL listed. But if you do not need to use the grid feedback function, the inverter does not need to be UL listed. For 6000w 48v hybrid inverter, it has two working modes as the picture shown. The inverter can run with solar/grid in parallel. If you need 4kw, and there is 3000W coming in from your solar panels, the extra 1kw will come from the grid.

Or you can consider our 6500w 48v solar inverter, which is UL standard, but its AC input and AC output is 120v. Here is the link and you can have a look.

Best Regards Cindy