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What is a supercooperator? It is a person who recognizes that we are not alone, and human progress relies on the contribution of many people. Thus, a supercooperator takes on a humble stance within this - and chooses to cooperate with others on solving problems rather than working solo. A supercooperator recognizes that they can accomplish much more in life by cooperating and sharing resources, and makes it a practice to collaborate as a norm. The supercooperator understands that solo work can solve problems, but that only supercooperation can resolve Pressing World Issues. Thus, a supercooperator is a big thinker, and chooses to solve more difficult problems rather than ordinary ones.

The characteristics of supercooperators are:

  1. They Work Openly
  2. They are not afraid to solve for larger problems, because they understand that they don't have to do it alone, and there is more power in collaboration - therefore there is an inherent incentive to work together.
  3. They publish their work product and process
  4. Quest for enlightenment is more important to them than ego
  5. They admit that any development of knowledge or know-how, even breakthroughs of Einsteinian proportion, are tiny bits added to the vast sum of all human knowledge
  6. Therefore, they have the humility to consider their ideas as a gift to the world that increases freedom for everyone
  7. They have the hubris to assume that their collaborative work will become world class, given that enough talent will join the effort
  8. Understands the Mathematics of Supercooperation
  9. Given the above considerations, supercooperators cringe at the thought of ideas being proprietary

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