Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

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Blowing Agent

  • Involves dissolving sCO2 into the material, then rapidly depressurizing it to form a foam
  • Need to look into this further for more specific details

Chemical Synthesis

  • Need to look into this for specifics, but essentially using CO2 as the solvent for the reaction
  • Of interest to the Pharmaceutical Industry, as the Product may be "precipitated" by expanding the mixture out of a nozzle, leaving a fine dry product akin to Spray Drying

Supercritical Fluid Chromatography

Dry Cleaning

  • Unlike other solvents sCO2 has virtually no toxicity (short of it being an Asphyxiant Hazard ) so Disposal/Handling concerns are far less


  • Supercritical fluid extraction is very common in the Essential Oil Industry (for Fragrances / Food Additives ) ( And also in the Cannabis Industry for High Value High Purity Oils/Resins/Waxes )
  • It is effective, and also has little risk of contamination since simply depressurizing the mixture separates out the CO2 (which can then be collected and recycled)
  • Main issue is initial cost of equipment
  • It is also used for Decaffeination

As a Working Fluid

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